Well wasn’t that fun?

It was one the funniest yet interesting meetings we had at the Norfolk Wedding Business Club for quite some time. Full room, plenty of clotted cream, dopamine and two Johns. Aha. Quite a networking group of wedding business owners we have there.

I managed to arrive early ( I mean 2 hours early) for a change as I normally run late everywhere – every time. And as always – because I have allowed extra time for little glitches – my set up was smooth and with no issues what so ever. Ended up chilling out in the beautiful Caistor Hall gardens soaking up some rays – believe it or not – I am pale as it gets so every bit of sunshine makes quite a difference.

It wasn’t long until our lovely Featured Member – John Driscoll – The Norfolk Toastmaster turned up followed by a number of members and guests and of course our Guest Speaker John Burroughes.

The room was full with a range of Norfolk Wedding business owners and it was great to see so many people chatting away and sharing their ideas. Our lovely guests Darren & Phil from Connections Entrainment fell right at home and it was a pleasant surprise to meet Christian who is looking to set up a new Austrian Wine import business in Norfolk and wanted to find our more about the wedding market. Although not booked – therefore unexpected visitor – Nicole from Norwich Flower Kiosk has also joined us all at the last minute but nevertheless – was very welcome.

Everyone really enjoyed listening to John about the difference between the Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies and finding out what the toastmaster actually does ( that is another blog post in itself coming soon!). Please let me note that Mr Driscoll looked as dapper as ever on his fabulous work attire – even when in was rather hot having to be wearing it for the whole evening.

It was interesting to hear about John’s ( Mr Burroughes) midlife crisis and his entrepreneurial ventures, research and his journey. His developments and collaborations with other influential business people has certainly made many of us think about our own mindset and understanding what it takes to grow a successful business and not only in terms of making a profit, but also creating a great working environment and getting the right team which will allow your business and you to flourish and reach it full potential. The work satisfaction and helping others is certainly at the heart of our businesses so I guess we do have a head start to the ones who set out to have an ‘easy life’ and get rich quick.

As John was speaking I was seeing many nodding heads in agreement, and realising that recognising the common entrepreneurial behaviour patterns actually helps – it confirms that we are not alone in this – there were/ are many other who had been there already and faced the same issues, so now it is up to us to make a decision – follow their lead and learn from their mistakes, or try and find our own ways to build a long term, sustainable and successful business practice. John gave several examples which I was personally able to relate to – and I found it refreshing – knowing that someone else has been there, done that and that the decision they made – worked for them. I felt inspired to make changes to the businesses I run to make them work for me and not end up slaving away countless hours with no time off myself. I think, I was not alone with such view either.

All in all – very enjoyable meeting with everyone participating, enjoying great afternoon tea and Janie ( Mrs Phat) snapping away. Here are some lovely images from the night which resulted in 2 new members – Nicole from Norwich Flower Kiosk and Darren & Phil from Connections Discos.

Welcome to the new members, and we look forward to seeing you the SUMMER SOCIAL in August where everyone is invited – NWBC Members and their other halves, guests and their friends – just a big ole catch up ( more info coming soon).

If you are a wedding business owner – be sure to come along – we have a lovely group here – the more the merrier, right?


Dalia NWBC

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